Rosewood Private Investments

Family Values.
Institutional Resources.


Rosewood Private Investments is the private equity arm of the Rosewood Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, family-owned enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Wholly owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, we are a stable, evergreen source of capital that does not depend on outside equity.

We use our expertise in acquisitions and financing to collaborate with management and grow the businesses in which we invest—both organically and through add-on acquisitions.

Pioneers in the family investing space, we combine the best of family offices—including a commitment to fairness, integrity, and helping people succeed—with the rigor and resources of a traditional private equity group.


We offer a flexible, patient mid-term and long-term outlook to drive meaningful value creation.
We take a conservative approach when adding new debt and prefer to reinvest profits, allowing management to focus on growth rather than debt covenants.
We are people-centric and provide access to a large network of highly talented and experienced operating partners.
We focus on building high-performing management teams that are proven thought leaders in their industries.
We provide impactful networking opportunities that span the entrepreneur, business leader, private equity, advisor, and operating partner landscapes.
We facilitate global supply chain and operational support to drive revenue growth nationally and internationally.


Be Fair
Be Trustworthy
Be Patient
Be Flexible
Be Collaborative
Be Accountable


Rosewood Private Investments is the private equity arm of the Rosewood Corporation which is wholly owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate.

Investing out of the pool of capital from the trust established in 1935 by Haroldson Lafayette “H.L.” Hunt, Jr., Rosewood has evolved over generations by developing and acquiring companies that are leaders in the natural resources, real estate, manufacturing and industrial sectors.


H.L. Hunt was a prolific business owner and entrepreneur who began with ventures in agriculture and moved on to oil and gas exploration and pioneering production of one of the largest oil deposits in the world. He ultimately secured title to most of the East Texas Oil Field, pioneering one of the largest deposits of oil.


Hunt’s second daughter, Caroline Rose Hunt was born in 1923 and was an entrepreneur in her own right. After raising her five children, she went on to found Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, as well as establish an international corporation with subsidiaries in real estate development, oil and gas, and a number of other diversified businesses.

Mrs. Hunt passed away in 2018. Her children are still active in the business and carry on with her legacy and work.

“Some would attribute our success to luck, but it really boils down to hard work, high standards, and sincere relationships." – Caroline Rose Hunt