Rosewood Private Investments

The Path to Success Starts
with Partnership.


Rosewood brings to the table years of demonstrated success helping to scale growth companies nationwide. We offer vast knowledge in acquisitions and financing, as well as dedicated resources that enable us to recruit the right talent, offer informed guidance and market intelligence, identify strategic acquisitions, and help drive profitable growth.

The flexible structure of our investment platform enables us to execute and support mid-term to long-term growth strategies, affording the opportunity to resolve business hurdles without the timing pressure and restrictions of a limited term fund.


We offer the best of both worlds.

Family-owned and widely respected, we combine the best of family offices with the rigor and resources of a traditional private equity group.

We create opportunities.

We can help you achieve your lifestyle, liquidity, and legacy goals as well as provide an array of opportunities and incentives that can help take your business—and your future—to new heights.

We’re here to help.

Our goal is to provide the appropriate resources, insight, information and best practices to empower your business to do its business better. We will help you realize the full value of your company and expand upon the legacy you have built.

We’re in this together.

Just as every portfolio company is different, so is our approach. We will work with you and our operating partners to develop and implement an appropriate strategy to optimize operations, increase capacities, mitigate risks, and help your company grow.

We put people first.

We believe successful investment team partnerships are built on trust, integrity, and collaboration. We are committed to improving not only your work/life balance and quality of life, but also that of your employees.

We do what we say we are going to do.

Family-owned with family values—our organization is founded on the premise that relationships are critical and lasting partnerships are ones that include cooperation, commitment, trust, and a shared vision.


We will support and empower your leadership team to cultivate continued growth of your company.
We will share our experience, operational capabilities and resources to increase the value of your company.
We will provide connections to industry leaders, partners, and mentors to cultivate a network of support.
We will respect your time and provide you with the autonomy you need to run your company.
We will demonstrate our family values of integrity, fairness, and adherence to the highest code of ethical conduct.


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Rosewood is a strategic partner for bankers and advisors interested in helping companies realize their full growth potential. We invest capital in companies that share our commitment to entrepreneurism. We believe that long-term, sustainable value can be created by providing management teams with the financial and operational resources they need to grow their businesses.


We act independently.

Rosewood is an agile team who can act quickly and independently to provide timely feedback and ensure transparency of our actions. We combine our family value-driven investment style with institutional processes, resources, and capital to provide fair evaluations and close deals with certainty in an easy, streamlined manner.

We value relationships.

Rosewood was founded on the premise that relationships are critical and lasting partnerships are built on more than dollar signs—they include cooperation, commitment, trust, and a shared vision.

We create opportunities.

We provide opportunities to generate secondary income streams by selling the RPI portfolio companies, brokering bolt-on deals, or consulting on future engagements.

We are responsive, creative and flexible.

The flexible structure of our investment platform enables us to execute and support mid to long-term growth strategies, ultimately providing the opportunity to work within your process parameters and sensibly resolve transaction hurdles as needed.

We are experts.

Rosewood offers experience in acquisitions and financing, as well as dedicated resources that enable us to recruit the right talent, offer informed guidance, identify strategic acquisitions, and drive profitable growth.

We have a track record for entering new verticals.

Rosewood takes pride in our ability to successfully launch new platforms within our primary sectors, as well as venture out into new verticals.


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Rosewood believes that high-performance leadership is key for high-growth companies. We continuously seek to forge new relationships with leadership partners who possess the strategic thinking, operational acumen, and passion for building growth companies. These engagements range from short-term consulting agreements to full-time leadership positions with our companies.


Prior experience leading and creating enterprise value as a CEO, COO, or industry leader at a lower middle market business.
Demonstrated knowledge of operational best practices, and experience driving business transformation initiatives.
An articulated vision for growing revenue, market share, and shareholder value.
A hands-on mindset, a team-oriented approach, and high standards of integrity, fairness, and ethical conduct.

In conjunction with our generalist investment approach, we identify key strategic operating partners in select industries with attractive underlying fundamentals. These partnerships allow Rosewood to source and acquire new opportunities while also providing thought leadership and executive experience to further create value.

These operating partners are typically veteran executives in a particular industry who work closely with our management teams to drive sustainable growth while enabling profit-enhancing operational improvements. Our operating partners most often function in the capacity of an active board member serving in a consultative manner to both Rosewood and management.


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