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Rosewood Private Investments adds Living Ecology to its Health & Wellness Portfolio

DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rosewood Private Investments (“RPI”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Living Ecology (“LE”) a developer, formulator, and manufacturer of functional foods and nutritional supplements with a specialization in fruit and nutrition bars headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. Products produced by LE are found in leading retailers, including Costco, Whole Foods, and Starbucks. The acquisition will expand RPI’s existing portfolio of research, development, and manufacturing companies in the health and wellness industry into functional foods’ burgeoning market. A growing $9.6 billion category in 2019, consumers are increasingly choosing bars for snacking, meal replacement, energy, and healthy treats.

The acquisition will add capacity to RPI’s manufacturing footprint in the U.S. with the addition of LE’s state-of-the-art facilities in Corona, California, and allergen-free facility in Henderson, Nevada. The addition of allergen-free bar manufacturing provides a strategically important layer of differentiation as consumers become increasingly aware of manufacturing processes and practices. LE will become an affiliate of RPI-owned Innovations in Nutrition + Wellness (“INW”), one of the country’s largest research, development, and manufacturing companies serving the global health and wellness industry producing capsules, powders, drinks, gels, and cosmetics. Through these new capabilities, INW will expand its offering to include a full range of bars and bites.

“We are proud to welcome LE and their expertise in the functional foods industry to RPI’s portfolio of Nutrition and Wellness companies,” said Rosewood Private Investments Director, Marquez Bela. “Through this acquisition, we look forward to offering INW’s customers new and expanded product format options, specifically in the functional foods markets, as nutritional bars become an increasingly popular dietary option for consumers in the United States.”

LE CEO, Jack Singh added, “after 26 years of innovation and development, LE is pleased to work with RPI to foster the next iteration of the company alongside leaders in the field such as INW. RPI has a rich and successful history in the nutrition and wellness space, and we are confident LE will continue to innovate and thrive under RPI’s guidance.”

“INW provides our customers with products that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and customer care,” said INW CEO Gary Giles. “We could not think of a better company to help us with this than LE. Our customers will have expanded value within RPI’s updated portfolio through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the addition of fruit and nutritional bar options.”

INW currently maintains six manufacturing facilities across Texas, Arizona, and California.

About Rosewood Private Investments
Rosewood has a long history of investing in and creating value within numerous industries. RPI’s approach to working with operating partners to strategically grow companies through acquisitions and organic means has proven successful for all stakeholders. Our current holdings are focused on nutrition and wellness, manufacturing technologies, and industrial services. In addition to these areas, we are pursuing new platforms in IT services, fire & life safety services, transportation & logistics, specialty chemicals, and outsourced business services. We welcome any information about investment opportunities within these verticals. Visit to learn more.

About Living Ecology
Headquartered in Henderson, NV, Living Ecology is a uniquely positioned developer, formulator, and manufacturer of functional foods and nutritional supplements. Living Ecology specializes in the manufacturing of functional fruit and nutritional bars, which is an area of growth and offers an array of services covering a range of form factors including bites, powders, and capsules. The Company’s products address specific consumer needs and meet the requirements and demands across various market segments, including CPG, private label, and branded customers. Visit to learn more.

About INW: Innovations in Nutrition + Wellness
INW stands at the crossroads of change in the nutrition and wellness industry, blending science and innovation with safety and quality to set a new standard of leadership in nutritional and personal care manufacturing. Delivering operational excellence from product R & D to expert manufacturing and packaging to efficient delivery, the company provides an unmatched quality product and packaging innovation, from concept to launch. They offer a diversity of product forms across powders, solid dose, liquids/gel packs, cosmetics, and more across its multi-site network. Visit to learn more.