Rosewood Private Investments Announces the sale of Renwood Mills

Dallas, Texas, September 7, 2016 - Rosewood Private Investments is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Renwood Mills, has been acquired by The Mennel Milling Company and Plaza Belmont.  The 80-year-old flour milling and mix company was acquired in 2013 in partnership with Renovo Capital.  The company experienced dramatic growth during Rosewood’s ownership period thanks to the recruiting of talented executives, investments in upgrading equipment and operations, the repair of supplier relationships, and strategic leadership.  "It was a pleasure working with the management team at Renwood Mills.  We are excited to see everyone’s hard work result in a rewarding outcome for all of the company’s stakeholders," commented Derry Burns, a Director at Rosewood Private Investments.

About Renwood Mills

Renwood Mills, based in Newton, NC, is a regional flour miller that has been converting local grains into quality flour, corn meal and baking mixes since 1935.  The company has a wide range of customers including major food manufacturers, grocery retailers, and foodservice operators.

About Rosewood

Rosewood Private Investments is the private equity arm of The Rosewood Corporation, a family- backed yet institutional firm with diverse worldwide operations and investments. Rosewood is wholly owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, which was established in 1935 by H.L. Hunt and built upon over generations by developing and acquiring businesses that are leaders in their respective industries. Our structure and history enable us to be a unique resource and flexible investment partner. As an evergreen entity, Rosewood is continually seeking to invest capital in companies that share our commitment to entrepreneurism, integrity, and sound business principles.