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Rosewood is continually seeking to invest capital in companies that share our commitment to entrepreneurism.

Rosewood Private Investments is the private equity arm of The Rosewood Corporation, a family-backed yet institutional firm with diverse worldwide operations and investments.  Rosewood is wholly owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, which was established in 1935 by H.L. Hunt and built upon over generations by developing and acquiring businesses that are leaders in their respective industries.

Our structure and history enable us to be a unique resource and flexible investment partner.  As an evergreen entity, we are continually seeking to invest capital in companies that share our commitment to entrepreneurism, integrity, and sound business principles.


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Rosewood Private Investments Overview

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Why partner with rosewood?

Given the tenure and stability of the Trust, we are able to adopt a conservative long-term investment perspective, making us an especially flexible partner.  With significant financial resources and liquidity, we can expedite acquisitions – without financing contingencies – and can structure transactions to meet the varying needs of sellers.

We have a proven history of investing in and developing profitable, growing middle-market businesses.  As a result of this experience, we have learned that employing a conservative capital structure allows companies to focus on the reinvestment of profits for growth rather than debt reduction.  We believe this provides a superior path to value creation.

We seek to partner with quality businesses whose management teams have demonstrated the ability and commitment to create profitable, well-positioned companies in attractive markets and whose management skills will continue to enhance the value of the business.  We believe that by providing management teams and operating partners with resources, incentives, and opportunities to grow their business, all stakeholders can participate in the value creation.